Regaining the fun in the sober journey

At The BeachWhen I first got sober I was completely obsessed just with detoxing, and feeling better, you know?

Everyone around me at the time was harping on and on about getting proper help, getting into treatment, what a mess I was… only focus was just *feeling* better first, then worrying about all that later.


Pretty typical, I guess.


Now that I’m 5 years on in my journey, I can see what they meant.

Staying sober hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.


No-one really prepares you for just how….mundane…the day to day existence of life actually is, without the social lubricant we call alcohol.

Even the workers at my treatment center focussed almost entirely on me avoiding old triggers, old habits, and old social peers, to the exclusion of…


I mean, how would I get back that sense of…adventure (?) in life. Many around me criticised when I spoke of this. I was supposed to just accept that life is….serious sometimes.

It ain’t easy.


But I’ve made it this far.